HKT48 – Ishi (12th Single) [All Types]

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HKT48 – Ishi

HKT48 brings the first single in 2019!, will be the last single for member Sashihara Rino, who will be holding her graduation concert on April 29 at Yokohama Stadium..


[Type A+B+C+Theater Edition]
01. Ishi
02. Dare yori Te wo Furou
03. Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru
04. Ishi?Instrumental?
05. Dare yori Te wo Furou?Instrumental?
06. Itsu Datte Soba ni Iru?Instrumental?
03. Camomille / 10%
06. Camomille?Instrumental?
03. Makka na Umbrella
06. Makka na Umbrella?Instrumental
03. Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteirunoka? / 8%
06. Otona Ressha wa Doko wo Hashitteirunoka??Instrumental?

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