Eiga Precure MIracle Universe Original☆Soundtrack

Download Eiga Precure MIracle Universe Original☆Soundtrack 映画プリキュアミラクルユニバース オリジナル☆サウンドトラック

Size : 166mb
Eiga Precure MIracle Universe Original☆Soundtrack

Music: Yuki Hayashi, Asami Tachibana


01 Pretty Cure! Make A Yell☆Miracle (Movie size)
02 A night sky full of stars
03 The strange occurrence at Planet Miracle
04 Glitterific! The big universe
05 Hello to the ocean of stars
06 Mirai Crystal! Heart, Kiratto!
07 Cure La Mode Decoration! -Long version-
08 Sparkle! Our power!
09 Completely filled with Kirakiraru
10 Star Color Pendant! Color Charge!
11 Draw your imagination in space
12 Call upon the Pretty Cure!
13 Don’t do that ~pito
14 Hikaru’s feelings
15 Let’s La Cooking! ~No Chorus version~
16 Sweets are connected to emotions
17 The Pretty Cure are wanted criminals!?
18 Breaking out of the net
19 Kirakirakirarun♪ Kirakiraru♪
20 Stop the darkness with this power
21 Light up the ray of hope
22 The grand plan to escape the darkness
23 When the light of miracles fades away
24 How could such a thing happen…
25 Rush towards the darkness
26 The demon of the universe appears
27 The Pretty Cure challenge the darkness
28 Hooray hooray, Piton!
29 To appear as the legendary figure
30 Believe in those sparkling feelings
31 The demon of the universe’s fear
32 Piton’s tears
33 Sparkle! Miracle☆Universe Light
34 Pretty Cure! Miracle Universe Twinkle!
35 The stars’ lights shine down on us
36 WINkle! Pretty Cure Miracle Universe☆ (Movie size)

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